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Forest Health Workshop: Thinning and Skinning

Forest Health Workshop: Thinning and Skinning
Colin Gillespie skinning a fir pole.

UPDATE: We have changed the ultimate location of this event but not the date or time.

Following great success at the first Forest Health and Fire Resilience workshop at Tan Oak Park, NM-ERA and ERRP are excited to announce their second event.

Where: We will meet at the Leggett Valley Fire Department at 66255 Drive Thru Tree Rd. Leggett then travel to a nearby project area in South Leggett.

When: 9:00 a.m. No Later Than 9:30 on April 10, 2022. Be at the Fire Station by 9:30 or get left behind.


  • Visit a proposed forest thinning project and discuss available options including prescribed fire.
  • Cut some small fir poles that need thinning.
  • Learn to peel poles with hand tools.
  • Discuss fire prevention and defensible space around our homes.
  • If time allows, travel on Highway 1 west of Legget for tour of mastication and roadside fuel break project.

The event will be focused on "thinning & skinning" fir trees. The workshop will be led by Colin Gillespie of Polecraft Solutions. We will select, fall and peel poles that can be used for furniture, tipi and building framing. The field trip will also include discussion facilitated from Leggett Valley FPD Chief about preliminary forest health work and broadcast burning for buffering catastrophic wildfire.

Bring your own lunch (BYOL).