Open Compass Skills Gathering 2024

Open Compass Skills Gathering 2024

UPDATE June 15, 2024: Due to slow ticket sales and the resignation of our organizing partners Tending Reciprocity, we have to modify the event. It will be three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), it will be cheaper ($20 - $40 per day sliding scale at the gate), and only breakfasts and dinners Friday and Saturday will be available by separate donation. We are practicing resilience and working hard to create an event that everyone enjoys. Check back this week for a full schedule and more details.

A skills gathering is an event where people come together to share, learn, and exchange various skills and knowledge. Skills gatherings focus on practical, hands-on learning experiences and can cover a wide range of topics, from traditional crafts, to personal connection, to healing and expressive arts

At Open Compass, we come together in community to explore with curiosity in a new way of being. A skills gathering is a place for trying new things, meeting new people, building confidence and resilience. as well as deepen our connections with one another and the natural world

At the heart of this gathering, we are coming together to celebrate our interconnectedness and build stronger bonds as a community of like-minded individuals, honoring the fact that we need one another to truly thrive

The act of gathering for the sake of exchanging skills that bring us closer together serves to break through our conditioned limiting beliefs, evolving towards a healthier, stronger, reciprocal, and more harmonious way of living, opening us up to more possibilities and opportunities.

Detailed Schedule coming soon.

Open Compass Event General Information

Dates: June 21-23, Solstice Weekend
We are thrilled to invite you to our campout nestled in the beauty of nature. Here's all you need to know to make your experience enjoyable and memorable:

Accommodation Options:

- Tent platforms and ground camping are available.
- Car camping spaces are also available upon request.
- Please be mindful that tent platforms may have splinters, so exercise caution when setting up your tents.

-Bathrooms and showers are available on site.
- Please be cautious of poison oak in the area and take necessary precautions.

Children and Childcare:
- Parents, please keep a watchful eye on your children throughout the event.
- Childcare services are available during certain hours, but parents or guardians remain primarily responsible for their children's well-being.
- Let's collectively ensure the safety and enjoyment of all children within our community.

- Explore the beautiful swimming hole across Highway 101 at Rattlesnake Creek for a refreshing dip.
- Feel free to enjoy the beautiful nature on the Tan Oak Park site, while being mindful of the land boundaries.

Bring your own food and ways to prepare it. Propane campstoves allowed but no campfires except in the fire ring in the amphitheater. We will serve breakfast and dinner on Friday and Saturday night, available for purchase by donation. The cob oven will be available in the evenings after dinner is prepared.

Essentials to Bring:
- Don't forget your own mug, dishware, and eating utensils.
- Remember to bring a sun hat and water bottle for outdoor activities.
- Clean drinking water is available on site for your hydration needs.

Community Guidelines:
- Enjoy the fire pit and cob oven for communal cooking and gatherings.
- Please respect the privacy of the residents who live on the property and refrain from wandering into their private areas.
- Mindful of noise after dark, keep louder activities near the fire pit rather than near the campers.
- Please be fire-safe! Fire season has begun and we all need to be extra careful with fire. No smoking except on bare dirt. No fireworks, campfires, or candles.

Well-being and Respect:
- This is a sober event, and we encourage mindful consumption of substances.
- If you choose to smoke or drink, please do so respectfully and preferably away from common areas.
- Let's contribute to the well-being of each other and our environment by picking up any trash we come across and offering assistance to those in need.

We're excited to share this experience with you and look forward to creating lasting memories together. If you have questions before the event, email If you have any questions or need assistance during your stay, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of our event organizers or volunteers. See you at the campout!